2013 Road to Palm Springs

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Noel Cuellar
Primera Plastics, Inc.

Primera Plastics began nearly 20 years ago as a small two-employee, two-machine plastic injection molding company. Humble beginnings? Perhaps. But for CEO Noel Cuellar, humility plus determination results in success, a lesson he learned from his parents early on.

Now, employing more than 130 employees and operating 30 presses, Primera Plastics serves a variety of customers in the automotive and office furniture industries. As a commodity business, however, its challenge is to distinguish itself from the competition. Primera Plastics does so by surpassing customer expectations of quality, cost and delivery.

Just as the company exceeds business expectations, Noel fosters a company culture dedicated to improving the lives of its employees and others in the community. He underscores the importance of education and continual learning as a way to create opportunity.