2013 Road to Palm Springs

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Tom Davidson
Founder and CEO

Ever wonder why so much importance is placed on standardized testing when there are many other non-testable areas critical to student success? Tom Davidson did. As a former state representative and proponent of education technology, he saw student success more broadly.

He founded EverFi as a way of gathering data in other areas that dramatically affect student performance, including financial literacy, digital citizenship and substance-abuse awareness. EverFi is the leading education technology company focused on teaching, assessing, badging and certifying students in critical skills.

Teachers that implement EverFi in their classrooms benefit from its combination of cutting-edge personalized technology, deep education research and data, and a dedicated implementation team. It’s like having a blended learning assistant in the classroom.

Reaching 5.5 million students since 2008, EverFi helps educators, the public and policymakers see student success factors beyond a test score.