2013 Road to Palm Springs

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Dr. Peter Duncan
Founder, President and CEO
MicroSeismic, Inc.

Many called his idea the holy grail of oil and gas exploration. But geophysicist Peter Duncan believed surface monitoring of oil and gas fields, eliminating the need to drill monitoring wells, was possible. Going to market was the next challenge. In 2003, MicroSeismic was born. Within three years, the company had proved its concept and turned a profit.

When the shale boom hit, Peter seized the opportunity. Public concerns over the process of hydraulic fracturing surfaced as the pace of drilling increased. MicroSeismic’s technology allows drillers to monitor the fracking process as it happens without further disturbing the environment — it can detect a signal the strength of a human heartbeat from almost two miles away.

As MicroSeismic’s technology has developed, Peter has laid the infrastructure that a rapidly expanding company needs. There are still plenty of challenges ahead, but given Peter’s track record, the odds are in MicroSeismic’s favor.