2013 Road to Palm Springs

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Veronica Edwards

Veronica Edwards brings an infectious spirit and enthusiasm to work, where her motto is “go big or go home.” In fact, she put her money where her “motto” is to start her staffing company, InGenesis, by cashing out her 401(k) after being laid off from a large telecom company.

In 15 years, Veronica has transformed InGenesis from a small business into a leading player in the global human resource services market. The company now provides approximately 1,500 employees in more than 200 labor categories to 170 client sites in 38 states.

Even in the traditional industry of medical staffing for the federal government, Veronica has taken an innovative approach by creating a widely used online timekeeping system. Her future plans include expanding her commercial service offerings.

Veronica is committed to supporting the American Diabetes Association, having lost her brother to diabetes in 2011, and she believes in giving back to the community.