2013 Road to Palm Springs

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Scott Ferber
Chairman and CEO
Videology, Inc.

What would you do after founding, establishing and selling a dot-com–era advertising giant, such as Advertising.com? Retire and enjoy the fruits of your labor? Not if you’re Scott Ferber, whose advertising technology passion and expertise have been the catalysts driving his exceptionally successful career.

In 2007, he and his team went back to work to develop Videology, which provides brand advertisers a tool to maximize their marketing return on investment via one-on-one audience targeting. Videology’s evolution to a premium multi-screen, multi-device ad decisioning technology has pushed the company to number one in potential reach among video viewers in both the US and UK, topping its largest online competitors.

When it comes to Videology’s people, Scott focuses on three things: culture, responsibility and change. Individuals may work in sales one month, then tech development the next, creating a work environment that is both challenging and exciting.