2013 Road to Palm Springs

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Dan Graham
Founder and CEO

Looking for Dan Graham at BuildASign.com? Well, you won’t find him in a private office. Unlike many CEOs, he works right on the main floor with the rest of his employees. By mentoring and encouraging the people around him, Dan has created a fun environment that promotes outside-the-box thinking.

BuildASign.com started as a small website outsourcing all orders to local sign shops. In less than eight years, the company has grown to include a host of spinoff microsites, expanding to Germany and the UK.

Dan pioneered printing directly onto the substrate versus using individual vinyl pieces. And he creatively reduced overhead production through state-of-the-art printing technologies and custom order-processing software.

In his “Customer Love” division, Dan allows employees to send extras, such as a surprise birthday cake to accompany a birthday banner order. With innovation and originality defining BuildASign.com’s culture, no wonder Dan’s office is not “inside a box.”