2013 Road to Palm Springs

Finalist profile

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William Healey
President and COO
Viking Yacht Company


Patrick Healey
Executive Vice President
Viking Yacht Company


Robert Healey
Chairman and CEO
Viking Yacht Company


Robert Healey, Jr.
Executive Assistant to the Chairman and CEO
Viking Yacht Company


The idea of family permeates every endeavor the Healeys tackle. Whether focusing on their family-owned and -operated Viking Yacht Company, real estate developments or extensive nonprofit endeavors, the Healeys are making an impact on all who work for and with them.

Through Viking, William, Patrick, Robert Sr. and Robert Jr. helped inject new life into Florida’s Riviera Beach community. During the economic downturn, they furloughed staff and provided them with some income; then, as the economy recovered, they brought back almost the entire Viking team to full-time positions.

Even when receiving purchase offers from companies around the world, Viking’s response remains: “the company is not for sale at any price.”

And why would they sell the world’s largest manufacturer of high-performance, luxury, convertible sport fishing yachts? Their vision is clear: to build the best boat and keep customers excited about what’s next.