2013 Road to Palm Springs

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Don Klein
Chesmar Homes

After working for national homebuilders for 27 years, Don Klein started Chesmar Homes with the goal to make four groups of people happy: customers, employees, business partners and investors.

Don knows that keeping the happiness of these groups in balance leads to success. His people, or “Chesmarians,” are given tailored individual benefits, job advancement opportunities and recognition for individual successes. Customer happiness is fulfilled when delivering a promised home of quality and value through exceptional customer care. Business partners are made happy through a commitment to long-term relationships built on trust and integrity. And company investors are happy with the continued return on investment brought about by Chesmar’s financial success.

When the housing recession hit Houston in 2009, Chesmar remained profitable. In the middle of the recession, Don expanded Chesmar into the San Antonio market. His ability to balance the happiness among these groups has turned Chesmar into one of the fastest growing and largest homebuilders in Texas.