2013 Road to Palm Springs

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Jason Kutney
Pittsburgh Riverhounds

Wearing different hats is part of being an entrepreneur. But wearing four at the same time is simply part of the job for Jason Kutney, who is CEO of the Pittsburgh Riverhounds professional soccer team, a player on the Riverhounds team, manager for the Greentree Sportsplex and leader of the Riverhounds Soccer Academy.

As a professional athlete, Jason never envisioned himself in his current position. But opportunity presented itself as it often does: inadvertently. One off-season, he needed to find a training facility. Greentree Sportsplex not only offered him a location, but a job as well.

Transforming the facility with the perspective of a player and businessman, he wove in ownership of the Riverhounds organization when the team became available. He bolstered it through a strong youth program, developing young players’ abilities and creating sustainable revenue.

Today, he continues to lead a successful organization and function adeptly in each of his roles, which converge through his original passion for “The Beautiful Game.”