2013 Road to Palm Springs

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Daniel Lubetzky
Founder and CEO
KIND Healthy Snacks

Daniel Lubetzky aspires to refresh capitalism by showing that companies can advance business and social objectives in tandem. So he created a “not-only-for-profit” business model through KIND Healthy Snacks, the only one of the top 10 nutrition bar brands with ingredients you can see and pronounce.

The entire brand is premised on transparency and authenticity: straightforward product names, straight-lined packaging and transparent business practices.

Daniel believes that all human beings are inherently good-natured. His goal is to make KIND not just a brand of healthy snacks and foods, but also a state of mind. His community of “KINDaholics” receive monthly emails challenging them to perform a random act of kindness.

Daniel’s humility, passion and determination have allowed him to develop a strong sense of trust and respect from his employees, customers and competitors. That’s how he’s grown KIND into a successful enterprise, truly making him one of a kind.