2013 Road to Palm Springs

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Karin Mayr
Sabika, Inc.

>With first-hand experience of the uphill battle women can face in the workplace, Karin Mayr founded Sabika with the intent to create a company by women, for women. Now, with the broader perspective that everyone experiences their own battles, she runs her company with the mantra “by people, for people.”

Fronting the funds personally, Karin started Sabika in 2001, working with female artisans creating jewelry collections in Europe and selling them from her kitchen table in Pittsburgh. With help from close friends and her daughter, she grew the business by holding parties at others’ homes. Through Sabika, Karin began to open the door to professional accomplishment and personal success for herself, her family and women across the nation.

Profitable since its founding and currently experiencing a 75% growth rate, Sabika continues to provide affordable luxury to the public through its jewelry lines and a flexible working schedule to its employees through its business model.