2013 Road to Palm Springs

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Rebecca Minkoff
Founder and Creative Director
Uri Minkoff
Founder and CEO
Rebecca Minkoff

After an actress on The Tonight Show wore Rebecca Minkoff’s first product, an “I Love NY” T-shirt, Rebecca received a mass order that sent her scrambling around the city to buy materials. She hand-made more T-shirts on the floor of her apartment, and she used the profits for her first five-piece collection. As soon as cash came in, she reinvested the funds to start her own business.

Finding herself nearly out of cash and defaulting on her rent, she contacted her brother, Uri, who had already cofounded two other companies. He believed in Rebecca’s talent and was extremely interested in the fashion business.

So they collaborated to release cutting-edge designer handbags that “downtown romantics” in their mid-20s could afford. The goal was to take this target audience through all of their “first” experiences — first job, first apartment, marriage and babies.

With some 900,000 fans following her blog, it looks like Rebecca has her online marketing strategy in the bag.