2013 Road to Palm Springs

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Kim Reed Perell
Adconion Direct

Kim Reed Perell began her career in technology at a start-up called Xdrive Technologies during a prime time. The company grew to more than 300 employees. Then the tech bubble burst, resulting in bankruptcy.

Did that burst her bubble? Nope. Kim credits this event to her success today. It taught her that risk and failure are a critical part of business and learning, people are ultimately the most important asset, and financial health is the foundation of any business.

Kim and her team brought these lessons and mindset to Frontline Direct, which she self-funded. In 2008, Frontline Direct was acquired by Adconion Media Group. In 2011, Frontline formally integrated with the Adconion Audience Network to form Adconion Direct, a cross-channel digital advertising platform spanning display, video, mobile, email and social media.

At the helm of Adconion Direct, Kim has steered the company’s product focus toward providing performance-based online marketing solutions at scale to advertising clients.