2013 Road to Palm Springs

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Joseph Renton
Founder and Chairman
Systems & Software Enterprises

Who knew good things come in fives? Apparently Joseph Renton, who grew the quintessential “five guys in a garage” start-up, Systems & Software Enterprises (SSE), into the world’s third largest provider of in-flight entertainment solutions.

With a background in software engineering and avionics industry experience, Joseph recognized in-flight entertainment as an emerging market. So he gathered the best engineers he had met over the years and formed a small consulting company.

In 2001, his firm began marketing its first systems to major airlines. When 9/11 halted the avionics industry, Joseph reinvested in development to gain an edge on his competition, and SSE came back stronger than ever.

After a decade of success, Joseph sold his business to Zodiac, a large French aerospace company. And the future of SSE looks incredibly bright, given its new owner’s stated objective to grow the business five times in the next (you guessed it) five years.