2013 Road to Palm Springs

Finalist profile

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Donna Roth
President and CEO
Cool Gear International

Retail entrepreneurialism was a way of life for Donna Roth. Growing up in her parents’ gift shops, she was groomed to succeed as an entrepreneur. After a successful career as a buyer and retail consultant, she realized she wanted to make her own products. The result was Cool Gear International, which produces a complete line of reusable personal hydration products for the on-the-go lifestyle.

To introduce a single product is one thing, but an entire product line — well, that’s another challenge entirely. Cool Gear met the challenge head on. The company successfully took its products to market through major retail channels thanks to its innovative products, established industry relationships and a “category, not product” approach.

From water bottles to coffee mugs, Cool Gear continues to defy the odds, growing more than 45% a year for the last five years.