2013 Road to Palm Springs

Finalist profile

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William “Bill” J. Rumpke, Jr.
Chief Operating Officer
Rumpke Consolidated Companies, Inc.

Bill Rumpke joined his father and grandfather in the family waste management business as a laborer and route driver in 1978. He spent the next 20 years climbing the company ladder preparing for the job of a lifetime. In 2002, Rumpke was underperforming and, as a result of accidents and fines, suffered a poor community image. The family shareholders were unhappy, and banks questioned the company’s business plan. There were few options, and Rumpke removed its then-COO.

Bill was a candidate for the job. He successfully persuaded both the banks and the family shareholders to let him execute his turnaround plan, and he went to work divesting ill-fitting service areas, restructuring the business and implementing a strategy to drive revenue and growth. He focused on building the company image around recycling and conducted good corporate citizen campaigns to improve public perception.

Today, Bill is COO and Rumpke is one of the nation’s largest privately owned waste management and recycling companies.