2013 Road to Palm Springs

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Andra Rush
The Rush Group

An entrepreneur’s path often takes unexpected turns. Just ask Andra Rush. Less than two years after receiving her nursing degree, she left the profession behind for the life of an entrepreneur and founded Rush Trucking. With only three trucks, a four-figure personal loan and much credit card debt, she struck out on her own. Today, her family of companies employs more than 1,700 people in the US and Canada.

The Rush Group operates on the “Seventh Generation” philosophy: when making a major decision, its impact on the next seven generations must be considered. This core belief originates from Andra’s Native American heritage and informs her business approach that prioritizes long-term, strategic planning and investments in people over short-term profits.

This approach has proved fruitful for Andra and The Rush Group, and it promises to serve them well, well down the road.