2013 Road to Palm Springs

Finalist profile

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Mike Shehan
Steve Swoboda
SpotXchange, Inc.

In 2005, Mike Shehan and Steve Swoboda realized that video was the future of online marketing. So they cofounded SpotXchange, an online video advertising marketplace that provides advertisers with advanced audience-targeting capabilities.

From the start, Mike and Steve, keenly aware of their own strengths, have subscribed to a management philosophy that focuses on hiring people who could supplement their skills and help create a sustainable business structure. They place a significant focus on hiring recent graduates, who they then train and teach valuable skills. The company also places emphasis on adding technically skilled women to its team. To that end, Mike is a founding member of the NCWIT Entrepreneurial Alliance, which works to recruit and retain women in the technology industry.

Great emphasis is also placed on community service. Mike and his family support the Tiny Tim Center in Longmont, Colorado, which serves families of special needs children, and SpotXchange matches 100% of the contributions that employees make to disaster relief efforts, such as Hurricanes Katrina and Sandy.