2013 Road to Palm Springs

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Megan Tamte
Founder and CEO
Hot Mama

After having her first child, Megan Tamte was eager to shop for post-baby clothing. The experience, however, proved extremely stressful. Stores were too crowded for strollers, most sales associates were unhelpful and the experience amplified the need for a better place for new moms to shop. From Megan’s frustration, Hot Mama was born — and in less than 10 years, she has gone from frustrated new mom to retail pioneer.

Megan believed she had a strong concept in selling clothes to new moms. Subsequently, through both personal funds and investments from friends and family, she raised enough capital to open her first store in 2004.

Today, Hot Mama employs more than 450 people in 40 stores in 12 states, and the company plans to open 16 new stores in 2014.