2013 Road to Palm Springs

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Jim Weber
Brooks Sports, Inc.

Facing the risk of company bankruptcy. Fielding weekly calls with creditors. Under such circumstances, many new CEOs would seek to simply help the company survive. When Jim Weber assumed the lead role for Brooks Sports, he became its fourth CEO in two years.

But he turned Brooks’ anticipated tragic ending into opportunity, seeking to create a brand, not simply manage or maintain one. Jim’s entrepreneurial spirit was pivotal in turning Brooks around. After tightening its focus to performance running gear and revitalizing its distribution strategy, the company began to break free of the confines of its financial circumstances.

Brooks became known as a performance running brand for enthusiasts, rather than just an athletic supplier. That first year, fewer offerings meant less revenue. But it created direction for the entire organization. Each year since, Brooks has posted double-digit growth, proving that entrepreneurs who determinedly stay their course find that success, like their shadow, follows naturally.