2013 Road to Palm Springs

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Naomi Whittel
Founder and CEO
Reserveage Organics

Every entrepreneur has a source of inspiration. Naomi Whittel, Founder and CEO of Reserveage Organics, found her creative spark in southern France while pondering the French paradox: the remarkably few incidents of heart disease despite a high-fat diet. This led her to research the health benefits from daily consumption of red wine.

In 2009, she established Reserveage Organics, which would grow to become an innovator in the health and wellness industry. Founding a company in the middle of a recession demanded not only an entrepreneurial spirit, but also an absolute belief in Reserveage’s product line of nutritional supplements backed with clinically proven ingredients.

With determination and confidence in the company’s offerings, Naomi has expanded the initial product line from four to 140, spanning four sister companies. Offering high-quality products at prices comparable with less premium brands is a paradox that is distinctly Reserveage.