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The Road to Palm Springs


Michael Gauthier
Stacy Gauthier
Vice President

Gauthier Biomedical, Inc.

Michael and Stacy Gauthier founded Gauthier Biomedical in March 2000 with little more than some personal savings, a pair of biomedical engineering degrees and an idea.

This visionary husband-and-wife team saw an unmet need for additional innovation in the orthopedic surgery market. So they devised an intense five-year plan that, through vertical integration, enabled the company to offer full concepting, rendering and production of surgical tools, all under one roof — a unique position in the industry. With a strong commitment to harnessing new technologies and maintaining the utmost in quality standards, Gauthier Biomedical’s one-stop-shop model makes it a leader not only in technology and lead time but also in development.

The Gauthiers faced a number of challenges, including zero sales to start, very little capital and no equipment on which to manufacture instruments. The company was financed with retained earnings to hire a management team, purchase production equipment, develop a marketing campaign and expand their proprietary line of surgical instruments. They struggled against barriers to entry, including the need to comply with FDA and IP registration requirements. Through it, they persevered.

Today, they are recognized as pioneers in certain specialized technologies. They recently  took another leap forward by moving to an 80,000-square-foot, custom-designed R&D and manufacturing facility. Both Michael and Stacy have made a commitment to their community and to fostering new engineering talent. Their investment in the latest technology, a new facility and generous employee benefit programs underscore their commitment to remain competitive and provide a safe, productive and inspiring environment for their employees.