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The Road to Palm Springs



Arthur L. Gruen, MD
EA Health Corporation

What began as a local program to guarantee physician payments has become, under the stewardship of Arthur L. Gruen, MD, an international network of nearly 9,000 contracted physicians dedicated to providing health care access to any patient, anywhere, anytime, regardless of the patient’s ability to pay.

Arthur believes EA Health’s independent approach, focused on paying physicians fairly for their services, is the only way to navigate a health care system that not only is severely understaffed but also throws up significant barriers to payment for its physicians. This is accomplished through a three-pronged solution to the physician shortage and availability issue: manage doctors already on staff at a given hospital, bring doctors into hospitals through staffing solutions when on-staff doctors are not available and beam doctors in via telemedicine if none are available in person. 

Ten years in, Arthur continues to create a culture of innovation in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere. He holds his staff to the highest standards but also rewards and recognizes them for their success carrying out EA Health’s mission, vision and goal to be the world’s largest health care safety net in a sustainable, profitable way.

This may best be summed up in Arthur’s use of the words of author Robert Penn Warren when he declared that EA Health is not a place to work, but “a place to come to.”