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The Road to Palm Springs



Will Gruver
President and CEO
US Power & Environment

“Powering business, empowering people” isn’t just the tagline for USP&E. It’s President and CEO Will Gruver’s personal credo. Will’s goal is to make a profound difference in the world by bringing power and jobs to emerging markets. He believes that creating economies, communities and jobs is more than a “nice to have” — it is a moral obligation.

Employing a faith-based leadership approach, Will is determined to be the most trusted power provider to emerging growth markets. His colleagues maintain that Will demonstrates vision and creative financial strategies, and he has earned the trust of not only his customers but also the now-thriving West African communities that he has had a strong hand in building.

Will passionately believes he has an obligation to try to help emerging markets create jobs. He has built a team of talent to complement his vision, and he rallies his team to build a better future for these communities. True to his tag line, Will empowers the people of West Africa to operate and maintain a customer’s power stations and builds their trust not only by paying them well, but by sending home with each employee, every weekend, a large bag of rice to add to the family’s meals. He believes in treating people with respect and honor and envelops everyone into his mission of striving for USP&E’s success. Will sees his true role as that of Chief Empowerment Officer.

Empower he does, and clearly this approach to business is working: since 2009, USP&E has grown by leaps and bounds in terms of both staff and revenue.