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The Road to Palm Springs


Dawn Halfaker
President and CEO
Halfaker & Associates

She describes herself as a “troublemaker,” and if that’s true, Dawn Halfaker, President and CEO of Halfaker & Associates, is the very best kind. This West Point alum, athlete, veteran and service-disabled President of the Wounded Warrior project pushes boundaries, stretches definitions and  refuses to be defeated.

In 2004, Dawn lost her right arm in a combat patrol, earning a Purple Heart and a Bronze Star. After a year of recovery, medically retired from active duty and suddenly unable to pursue her chosen career, Dawn was at sea.  

With a single contract and a single employee – herself – along with sheer determination and fortitude, Dawn formed Halfaker & Associates, resolved to “continue to serve.” The company is a professional and support services firm that advises and assists government and commercial organizations on issues of national and international significance.

Today, Halfaker & Associates  employs nearly 200, including 8 service-disabled veterans hired through the Wounded Warrior Employment Program, which Dawn herself developed. In an environment where government contractor competition is fierce, Dawn is fiercer. She’s become recognized as one of the industry’s foremost business leaders by The Washington Business Journal, The Washington Post, Fortune Magazine and a host of military and government agencies.

Thanks to her experience leading a platoon of 32 soldiers, Dawn understands the importance of identifying and using the talents of each person. At Halfaker & Associates, she has built a people culture based on both professional development and community engagement. And based on these premises she continues to attract passionate professionals around the world.
Reflecting on her company’s explosive growth, Dawn often jokes that business is just another form of combat — just the uniforms are a little different.