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The Road to Palm Springs



Samir “Sam” Hanna
Founder and President
Survey and Mapping, Inc. (SAM, Inc.)

To describe what makes him successful, Samir (Sam) Hanna, founder and President of Survey and Mapping, Inc. (SAM, Inc.) needs only two words: perfection and adaptation. Perfection is a necessary element to delivering the high-quality services his customers demand. And adaptation has kept the business growing, even during tough economic times.

Sam attributes his adaptability to his upbringing. Born in Egypt and raised by a single mother, Sam rapidly learned that adjusting to new and ever-changing environments was a necessary life skill. His drive for perfection, however, is something he was born with.

“I enjoy success, but it doesn’t hold my interest for long,” Sam says. “More often than not, I am analyzing an issue to see how to improve, or anticipating the next big challenge. It’s not a restful place to be, but I wouldn’t do it any other way.”

Sam set out to build one of the largest, most well-respected survey and mapping firms in the country. And he has been steadily moving toward that goal ever since. Sam has methodically expanded the firm’s offerings from its initial land surveying service to the latest technologies as they emerge. SAM, Inc. now offers digital aerial mapping, high-definition laser scanning, subsurface utility engineering, geographic information systems and LiDAR technology.

Though Sam expects a lot from his teams, he’s equally invested in maintaining a strong and supportive environment that fosters their personal and professional development. The culture of SAM, Inc. reflects  the man himself: focused on teamwork and collaboration with a robust entrepreneurial spirit, family atmosphere, recognition and mutual respect.