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The Road to Palm Springs


Lisa Im
Performant Financial Corporation

“By doing good, we do well,” says Performant Financial Corporation CEO Lisa Im. It’s true that Performant has a distinctive and admirable purpose: recovering or helping to ensure the accuracy of payments for government programs such as Medicare and federal student loans. With a husband who has been fighting cancer for the past 11 years, Lisa passionately believes in Performant and its mission.

Performant, one of four companies in its industry, almost single-handedly built the recovery audit for public health care sector. Through proprietary technology and continual process improvement, the company maintains industry-leading margins and performance.

In her eight years as CEO, Lisa has transformed the company from a government services contractor with more than 90% of its revenue and profit coming from a single contract into a broad-based service provider with three divisions handling more than 50 major federal and state government contracts. Her strategy was to leverage the company’s federal student loan collections and payments technology to grow into new business areas.

During Lisa’s time at Kraft and Best Foods, she learned the importance of strong collaborative teams. Performant’s employees maintain an open view of teamwork and shared responsibilities. The company welcomes new ideas from every team member and encourages all employees to seek internal advancement.