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The Road to Palm Springs



Chip Paucek
2tor, Inc.

Chip Paucek, CEO of 2tor, leads with charisma and demonstrates dedication to his vision and his people. As the first in his family to go to college, he worked three jobs while attending George Washington University. Now his goal is to transform higher education by partnering 2tor with top-tier research universities and offering the best online education with the quality and rigor of traditional academia. The 2tor platform allows individuals who might not be able to pursue secondary education in a traditional fashion to obtain a degree from a top university online.

Ever persistent, Chip believes entrepreneurs must change quickly, or “pivot,” to reach their goals if an initial thought or idea is met with resistance. Chip’s business idea was rewarded in 2008 when he raised funding based solely on his business plan.  As he continues to grow his company, he eats, sleeps and breathes 2tor’s company culture.

Known as “2torians,” everyone embraces the company culture of fun, team unity and high standards. Chip believes in working hard, playing hard and having fun while you do it as well as doing it with people you love. The 2torians are committed to the opportunity to change higher education and, as a result, love the work they do.

The team at 2tor contributes to the local community through volunteer events and contributions to the Walter Reed Army Medical Center, Holiday for Hope, Habitat for Humanity and other charitable organizations.