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The Road to Palm Springs


Carolyn Rafaelian
Founder and Creative Director
Alex and Ani


Alex and Ani’s Carolyn Rafaelian, Designer, Founder and Creative Director, believes in the basic goodness of human nature and in the inherent human need to inspire and to be inspired.

In 2004, Carolyn founded her business based on practical experience. Like countless entrepreneurs, she wore many hats, from product design to meeting with top editors. In just eight years, the company has opened a new corporate headquarters in Cranston, Rhode Island, saw its annual revenue almost triple in just one year and has expanded internationally.

From the importance of eco-consciousness through the use of sustainable, recycled materials in her products, Carolyn keeps business and production close to home. Her commitment to reinvesting in the local economy allows her to stay true to her personal core values. In addition, a recent acquisition of a Rhode Island media organization has expanded her business further and created more than 100 new jobs locally.

Still at the forefront of all that is Alex and Ani, Carolyn creates and approves every aspect of the company’s products. Her commitment to making all products in America earned her recognition by the White House Reclaiming the Future through American Manufacturing Program. An Inc. 500 Company, Alex and Ani has over 18 retail stores in addition to retail partners both domestically and internationally.