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The Road to Palm Springs



H. Rochelle Stachel
HRV Conformance Verification Associates, Inc.


As a female business owner in a male-dominated industry, Rochelle Stachel has proved to be a focused, committed business owner. Her aggressive, fresh approach who has a clear vision for HRV has built it into a worldwide provider of construction management and inspection services.

But Rochelle’s path to success was far from easy. To form HRV, she left a lucrative career to face the challenges of navigating government bids, presenting to skeptical state tribunals and risking her home and all she owned while lacking a significant background in critical business operations such as payroll, taxes and human resources. Nevertheless, she embraced and conquered each obstacle to form an award-winning company with staying power.

As an employer, Rochelle embraces a “serving leader” philosophy and leads by example. She has often given young professionals the opportunity to play a significant role within the company by mentoring them, setting high standards and supporting them in their efforts to attain career goals. As a result, HRV’s employees know they are taking part in building something great, prompting them to be engaged, work hard and enjoy the rewards they earn for a job well done.

Rochelle is an active member of her community, frequently finding new ways to get involved. She has fostered a culture that often motivates employees to participate alongside her in the community activities she has embraced. The result: engaged employees who believe in HRV and its leadership.