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2012 Road to Palm Springs Sullivan - EY - United States

Meet the winners

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The Road to Palm Springs



Tim Sullivan 


Tim Sullivan attributes his success to his ability to identify and develop talent, communicate his vision and instill passion within his employees. He aims not only to create an exciting work environment for his staff, but also to build a culture that encourages innovation.

Since joining, Tim has brought new life to its mission of helping people discover, preserve and share their family’s history. He has seized untapped potential within the company and focused on the end user experience. The company has the unique challenge of figuring out the best way to digitize historical documents and make them available online in a searchable form. Even in a recessed economy, Tim has consistently enabled the company to keep up with new technologies by managing growth. Today the company holds more than 8 billion records and 33 million online family trees, an accomplishment enabled by embracing difficult challenges and problems with the right technology and by consistently focusing on user needs. is built to help people connect with their past, and that mission has seeped into the company’s philosophy: to be a global team of hard-working employees who are passionate about connecting families across distance and time. This ideal is rooted in the belief that every person is an extension of hundreds of lives. To that end, Tim has charged employees to give back, both on a local and national level, to their communities, thus connecting to the health and economy of those communities in tangible, meaningful ways.





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