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The Road to Palm Springs


Cindy Taylor
Oil States International Inc.

Cindy Taylor, President and CEO of Oil States International, is known for her personal and professional commitment to hard work, corporate and individual responsibility, high standards and transparency — a commitment that helped secure her place as the only female executive leading a company on the Houston Business Journal’s 2011 list of the top 100 public companies.

Oil States’ financial performance has been outstanding in its industry. But getting there meant Cindy had to face the biggest challenge of her life: meeting shareholder expectations by keeping Oil States on its path to prosperity through strategic, seamless growth strategies. She says she entered “a whole new world” when, within one year, she oversaw the simultaneous business combination, IPO and recapitalization of four independent companies with diverse and dynamic businesses ranging from manufacturing to accommodation services.

Cindy is known for her “distributed leadership” approach to team management, which fosters an innovative company culture of opportunity, inclusiveness and personal growth. Her approach hinges on the tenet that “everyone shares the same mission, even though they contribute in different ways.” Ever innovative, Cindy sees the future for Oil States in the manufacture of effective, technologically advanced products, and she plans to invest in the expansion of offshore facilities in Brazil, West Africa and Asia.