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2014 Western Pennsylvania and West Virginia honorees and finalists

Each of the Entrepreneur Of The Year 2014 finalists fulfilled a dream by turning a visionary idea into a successful enterprise. Now it’s time to recognize them for their achievements and see who will take home top honors.

Master Entrepreneur
WPA ME Award: Simmons

Richard P. Simmons

Global Impact Award
WPA GIA Award: Bresch

Heather Bresch
Mylan Inc.

2014 Finalists
WPA fnalist: Cherock

Michael Cherock
AE Works Ltd.

WPA fnalist: Kudis

Jim Kudis
Allegheny Petroleum Products Company

WPA fnalist: Lehigh

Jan Lehigh
Alpine Packaging, Inc.

WPA fnalist: Burke

John Burke

WPA fnalist: Biancini

Ron Bianchini, Jr.
Avere Systems

WPA fnalist: Geiger

Mike Geiger
Big Plan Concepts

WPA fnalist: Iaquinta

John Iaquinta
Big Plan Concepts

WPA Finalist: Shafran

Jerry Shafran
Compliance Assurance Corporation

WPA fnalist: Grose

Dean Grose
Comtech Industries, Inc.

WPA Finalist: Yeager

Ray Yeager
Ductmate Industries, Inc.

WPA Finalist: vonAhn

Luis von Ahn, PhD

WPA fnalist: Hutchison

Kevin Hutchison
Health Monitoring Systems, Inc.

WPA Finalist: Staso

Wendy Staso
Huckestein Mechanical Services, Inc.

WPA Finalist: Spofford

Jeanette Spofford
Justifacts Credential Verification, Inc.

WPA fnalist: Perrin

Edward Perrin
Karndean Designflooring

WPA Finalist: Ross

Jim Ross
Kenny Ross Automotive Group

WPA Finalist: Wolynn

Todd Wolynn, MD
Kids Plus Pediatrics

WPA Finalist: Wolf

Albert Wolf, MD
Kids Plus Pediatrics

WPA fnalist: Myer

Robb Myer
NoWait, Inc.

WPA fnalist: Levine

David Levine
NuGo Nutrition

WPA fnalist: Mallison

Bruce Mallinson
Pittsburgh Power Inc.

WPA fnalist: Hennigan

Paul Hennigan, PhD
Point Park University

WPA Finalist: Sarris

Bill Sarris
Sarris Candies, Inc.

WPA fnalist: Robilland

Rob Robillard
Sensible Organics

WPA Finalist: Silvis

Paul Silvis
SilcoTek Corporation

WPA fnalist: Lazzari

Lani Lazzari
Simple Sugars

WPA fnalist: Petrow

Pam Petrow
Vector Security

WPA fnalist: Ferrara

Joe Ferrara
Wombat Security Technologies, Inc