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Connect, December 2011 - Alumni: Always in fashion - EY - United States

December 2011Welcome

EY alumni

What do the world’s largest retailer, an entrepreneurial biotech firm, a coffee and donuts chain and a top-brand apparel company all have in common? Despite their tremendous diversity, each of these organizations is meeting the challenge of doing business in the age of digital media.

Each is looking to the internet and social platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to connect with clients and customers in new ways and, just as important, not to get left in the virtual dust. As you might have guessed, each of these organizations is also home to one of our notable EY alumni, whose stories we tell in this issue of Connect.

There’s no question that digital media are giving rise to a new wave of innovation and inventiveness. Who would have thought that the US Army would turn to Facebook to hold virtual town halls following natural disasters?

Or that Tim Hortons, the down-home restaurant chain known for its great-tasting coffee, would employ high-tech monitoring services to track what’s being said about the company online? Or that the United States Golf Association would have to redesign its website to handle the soaring demand for streaming video during the playoffs?

In each of these cases, digital media are creating both opportunity and challenges that, as one alum puts it, “simply can’t be ignored.”

At EY, we’re also committed to leveraging digital media, both internally and externally. We recently launched EY Connects, our Facebook page for partners and employees. We’re finding it to be a great way to get all our people talking with each other — conversations that might not take place in any other forum.

We also have a fast-growing network of more than 1,000 virtual “communities,” where our people “meet” to do everything from collaborate on client projects to share issues and interests. Externally, we continue to work on our global alumni portal, which will integrate with Facebook and LinkedIn.

We are so proud of our alumni. We know they will lead not only in this era of digital media and social networks, but in whatever the future brings.

We hope you enjoy the magazine.


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Jim Turley
Chairman and CEO

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Steve Howe
Americas Area Managing Partner

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Nancy Altobello
Americas Vice Chair, People

December 2011

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