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Connect, May 2009 - Playing in the big leagues - EY - United States

Playing in the big leagues 

Whoever said accountants are just pencil-pushers clearly hasn’t met EY alumni. The former EY professionals whose profiles follow are athletes and business leaders who have not only run marathons and played basketball but also managed some of the biggest and best-known sports teams in the country —and perhaps in the world. And again countering the stereotype, these executives say that the world of numbers has prepared them for sports in a way that perhaps no other discipline can. Whether it’s organizing events, managing finance, forming client relationships or improving customer service, accountants can, it seems, do it all.

Ted PhillipsTed Phillips
CEO, The Chicago Bears Football Club, Inc.
Bob GrazianoBob Graziano
Past President and COO, the Los Angeles Dodgers
Ticket Manager, The Los Angeles Olympic Organizing Committee (1984)
Managing Partner, Wealth Advisory Services of Northern Trust
Cristine HurleyCristine Hurley
Past Vice President, Team Finance, National Basketball Association
Former CFO, Los Angeles Dodgers
Jim BolandJim Boland
President, CEO and Vice Chairman (retired) Cavaliers Operating Company, LLC
Kris LoweKris Lowe
Vice President of Business Resilience New York Life

May 2009

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