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Connect, May 2012 - Connecting with our newest alumni - EY - United States

Connect, May 2012

Connecting with our newest alumni

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Connecting with our newest alumni

While all alumni are important members of EY's extended family, there's one group we are beginning to pay particular attention to: our new alumni. From feedback we've received from many of you, and particularly from our 23 Alumni Councils, it's clear that there is a critical transition that occurs when someone leaves the firm — whether after three months or 30 years — and officially becomes an EY alum.

As part of the firm's refreshed People strategy, we are making a concerted effort to stay better connected with our people before, during and after this transition period. In essence, we want our people to feel that they have a lifelong relationship with EY: a relationship that starts the day they join us and continues long after they leave.

To this end, we have begun piloting a number of programs aimed at connecting us sooner and more meaningfully to our newest alumni. We are holding, with much success, events for new alumni in New York, Toronto and Atlanta. We are conducting a comprehensive review of how our people leave the firm (everything from the forms that need to be completed to how computers get turned in) to make it less of an "exit process" and more of an "alumni transition experience." Soon we'll be adding a wide array of proprietary career development and management tools to our alumni website that should be of particular value to new alums in the midst of career change.

As is evident in the pages of Connect, EY alumni are an exceptional group of people. This includes our many new alumni who, through their vast and diverse experiences, only serve to strengthen our ever-growing EY family.

Jeff Anderson

Jeff Anderson
Americas Director, Alumni Relations
+1 404 817 4875

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