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Connect, May 2012 - Turley a "favorite boss" - EY - United States

Connect, May 2012

Turley a "favorite boss"

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Turley a “favorite boss”

Over the years, EY has accumulated a wide array of awards and accolades for being a "most admired company" and a "best place to work." So it seems only fitting that we now also have a "best boss." This past March, EY Global Chairman and CEO Jim Turley placed second on a list of America's "25 Highest Rated CEOs" as chosen by people who responded to a survey by jobs and careers site Jim is listed right after Apple's Tim Cook and is tied with Qualcomm's Paul Jacobs.

The list is based on reviews voluntarily posted by employees who answer the following question: "Do you approve of the way this person is handling the job of leading this company?" The list only includes active CEOs who received at least 100 reviews in the past year. Jim's approval rating was 95%. Also among the top five bosses were American Express' Ken Chenault and Google's Larry Page.

According to, "Glassdoor's ratings are designed to help job seekers get a glimpse of what it might be like to work for a particular company, as well as to determine which bosses are America's favorites. 'What makes this list important is that it's based on feedback from the CEOs' own employees,' Glassdoor's Samantha Zupan says. 'Wouldn't you want to work for an executive who employees strongly support based on how he or she is leading the company?'"

While saying he was both surprised and honored by his selection, Turley quickly noted that leading a global firm takes a talented global team, which shares in this award.

To see the full roster and rankings of all the CEOs to make the 2012 Top 25 list, visit

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