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Connect, Winter 2009-2010 - All in the family - EY - United States

All in the familyJeff Anderson

Jeff Anderson
Americas Director, Alumni Relations

As we talked with the dozens of alumni who helped us with this issue highlighting 20 years as EY, I was struck by two things: (1) the tremendous need we all have to continue to build our professional and personal networks, especially in today’s economic environment; and (2) the incredible networking opportunities that the EY alumni family provides, both to alumni and current EY people.

As alum and talent manager Peter Alcide mentions in his profile, even with all of today’s high-tech social networking advances, the breadth of your network and depth of your relationships are still as important as what you know. And EY alumni comprise a virtual “who’s who” among leaders in the C-suite, in industry and just about anywhere else you look. For this reason I encourage our alumni to always stay connected — to each other and to EY. As New York alumni council member Larry Wills says, “We have tremendous resources among our alumni and it’s important we stay connected to help each other — that’s what being anEY alum is all about.”

As an EY alum, you have not only distinguished yourself, but you have a common bond with an amazing array of leaders and innovators who share a deep set of values built on integrity, trust and respect. We truly are a family.

Let’s connect again soon.

Jeff Anderson
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Winter 2009/2010

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