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Connect, Winter 2009-2010 - Coming full circle: Tim Horgan - EY - United States

Coming full circleTim Horgan

Tim Horgan

In some ways you might say that Tim Horgan’s career has come full circle. After years of helping to shape the firm’s alumni efforts, after organizing dozens of alumni learning events and reunions, and after being extolled as the “face of Metro New York’s Alumni Services,” Tim Horgan is, today, himself an alum.

Horgan retired in October 2009 after 39 years with EY. The last nine of those years, he served as Alumni Partner Champion for Metro New York, what he calls “the job of a lifetime.”

Horgan started his career with EY in 1969 as an intern and joined the audit staff the following year. Just a few months later, he was drafted and wound up serving a stint as a military policeman at West Point. In 1972, Horgan returned to EY where he worked for many years in Audit, Human Resources and Finance. When the Areas reorganized in 2000, Horgan was tapped to lead alumni efforts, a role for which he had a passion.

“It was a great fit,” he says. “Suddenly my job was to keep in touch with and build relationships with the literally thousands of people I’d helped staff over the years. It was a fantastic opportunity.”

Since retiring, Horgan and his wife of 36 years, Gail, have relocated to Florida where he plans to “kick back” and looks forward to reconnecting with local alumni. “I know it was meant as a compliment when I was called the ‘face of alumni’ at EY,” says Horgan. “But it’s our alumni who are truly the heart and soul of what we’re trying to do — it’s all about them. I was just fortunate to give them the opportunity to reconnect.”





Winter 2009/2010

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