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MBA school: Fisher College of Business, The Ohio State University
Undergraduate degree: Business Administration, Illinois Wesleyan University
Office: Chicago
EY business group and specialty: Advisory — Performance Improvement — Healthcare
Rank: Senior
Time with EY: Two years

What was the transition from business school to Ernst & Young LLP like?

It was fairly smooth. The environments are similar, and I believe my MBA program sufficiently prepared me for my career at EY. Both environments require time management, teamwork and self-discipline. EY also did an outstanding job of providing the appropriate onboarding activities and the desired support network, which enabled me to hit the ground running.

Which MBA courses have helped you the most since joining EY?

My healthcare and strategy courses best prepared me. The healthcare courses gave me the baseline knowledge I need to understand how our healthcare clients are organized. These courses taught me the terminology I need to understand and communicate effectively with our clients. Additionally, my strategy courses taught me how to approach business challenges in a structured fashion.

What was EY’s interview process like for you?

It was somewhat unconventional. I was participating in an exchange program abroad during recruiting season. My initial interview was conducted through Skype at my host university’s career management office. After the interview, I was invited for a final screening at Ernst & Young LLP’s Chicago office during my winter break. Due to my exchange program’s schedule, I was unable to participate in a recruiting day, but I was very grateful to EY for accommodating my somewhat complicated schedule and for deciding so quickly!

What’s a “week in the life” at EY like for you?

No week is the same, but I typically start by flying to my client site first thing on Monday morning. The work week consists of team meetings, status updates, drafting presentation decks, etc. I work closely with my team to plan and deliver based on our clients’ needs before we fly home Thursday afternoon. I usually get home around midnight and spend Friday finishing any client work for the week, in calls with my team, or participating in firm-wide events before we fly out again on Monday!

What has been your favorite project or client experience so far?

I am currently servicing a large health care provider in a complex, industry-wide transformation. I am currently working with a team to ensure employees receive proper communication regarding the change. Some key components include developing a solid communication strategy, conducting stakeholder assessments, creating awareness materials for wide distribution and integrating these awareness initiatives into the overall corporate strategy. As a result, this project has allowed me to gain a better understanding of how various functions within a hospital system operate, intersect and respond to industry-wide change.

What interests or hobbies do you have outside of work?

You can find me spending time with my friends and family. I enjoy entertaining guests, running, trying new restaurants and taking advantage of awesome internet deals! One thing I hope to do in the near future is sharpen my piano skills, which have significantly declined since high school. While I may never be as good as I once was, I’d love to challenge myself and learn a new piece or two!

Why did you choose EY?

When I was interviewing for positions during my last year in the MBA program, I realized how important it was to work for a company that was as eager to hire you for their team as you were to join. I was attracted to the opportunities EY offered, from the projects I would complete to the people I’d work with. I knew, at the very least, that I would learn a lot. I can confidently say my team members challenge and motivate me every day.

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