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MBA school: Richard Ivey School of Business, University of Western Ontario
Undergraduate degree: Business Administration, Wilfrid Laurier University
Office: Toronto
EY business group and specialty: Advisory — Financial Services Office — Performance Improvement
Rank: Senior
Time with EY: One year, three months

What was the transition from business school to EY like?

The transition from school to work is challenging, and even more so if you're new to consulting! The feeling I had when I joined EY was similar to how I felt when I started business school. Adapting to new people and a new way of doing things can take time, but I was surprised to see how many people — especially my counselor and peer advisor — were willing to help, mentor and guide me through the process.

Which MBA courses have helped you the most since joining EY?

Economics, Strategy, Finance and the Independent Consulting Project were the most interesting and applicable to my current role. That said, I think the MBA experience as a whole prepares you more than any single course in particular. For example, the extensive use of Excel and PowerPoint or the endless hours spent in team meetings or preparing for a presentation are more likely to help you develop the soft and technical skills you need when you first join EY.

What's a "week in the life" at EY like for you?

Given the concentration of Canadian financial services firms in Toronto, my typical week usually doesn’t include travel. But, it does vary. A typical week could include helping with program management at a client site, preparing for a client meeting or off-site event or developing proposals internally. The projects can be quite diverse, so each could require collaboration with a new client or new EY colleagues.

What has been your favorite project or client experience so far?

I've had the chance to help plan and execute a few off-site client events. These were interesting as they often involved client executives from various functions collaborating on a particular project or initiative. Watching them communicate and build transparency was a practical way to learn the importance of cross-functional practices, something taught on a more theoretical basis in school.

What interests or hobbies do you have outside of work?

I spend lots of time with friends and family, trying new restaurants and discovering the city...while also trying to squeeze in some travel whenever I can.

Why did you choose EY?

I was originally drawn to EY because of their FSO practice, a practice specifically dedicated to helping financial services organizations face this particularly challenging time. Given my experiences in the financial services industry, this was an easy decision. Also, asking people in my network who were employees or EY Alumni about their experiences definitely helped solidify my decision!

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