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MBA school: Queen's School of Business, Queen's University
Undergraduate degree: Industrial Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology
Office: Toronto
EY business group and specialty: Advisory — Performance Improvement — Supply Chain
Rank: Manager
Time with EY: Three years, two months

Which MBA courses have helped you the most since joining EY?

The classes that have helped me most since joining the firm include "The Role of a General Manager" and "Operations Management." "The Role of a General Manager" was a strategy class in which we learned various frameworks that could be used to evaluate and grow a business. In the "Operations Management" class, we discussed process improvement and efficiency, which are very relevant to the work I am currently doing. I believe the teamwork and leadership experience I gained at Queen’s has helped me the most.

What's a "week in the life" at EY like for you?

I am staffed on client engagements, which means I am at the client site Monday through Thursday, and back in the office on Fridays. As my client is not in Toronto, where I live, I travel Monday morning and return Thursday evening. My work involves working with clients and coworkers to help drive change and improve the current processes of the client, particularly in supply chain. This work involves conducting meetings and workshops, analyzing data and using that information to develop insight and execute changes.

What has been your favorite project or client experience so far?

My favorite project has been at a nuclear facility in Ontario. The project was to redesign the process of submitting technical documents to the client for engineering approval. The current process was very manual, with long cycle times. We developed a future state that would be enabled by technology, and address issues identified in the current state. I also had the opportunity to tour the nuclear stations, where I saw the spent nuclear fuel and the massive turbines used to generate electricity.

What interests or hobbies do you have outside of work?

I enjoy watching sports, particularly American football, tennis and cricket. I play tennis and volleyball regularly, as well as compete in recreational leagues. The summers in Toronto are great, and I enjoy attending the different festivals throughout the city with friends. When I have the chance, I also like to travel and explore new places and cuisine.

Why did you choose EY?

There are several reasons why I decided to join EY. EY is a well-recognized firm, and has a great brand name; the supply chain performance improvement group is expanding, which I thought would provide me with a lot of opportunity to grow and take on additional responsibilities; and I wanted a chance to work across various industries, and try a variety of different projects.

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