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Variety, opportunity and global reach

There is a whole range of opportunities open to you within EY. Whether you join Assurance, Tax, Transactions or Advisory Services, you’ll enjoy early responsibility, rewarding challenges and exposure to a variety of businesses across a range of sectors.

As well as technical training, you’ll be able to develop critical business relationship skills. Teaming, for instance. Or collaboration across cultures. It’s these skills that allow you to become a valuable asset to our high-performing teams.

Use the tabs to explore more in-depth information about what you could do at EY.

Careers in Advisory: helping organizations accelerate their business performance

Want to make a difference and help clients accelerate their business performance? We do. As a leading consulting organization, we help our clients improve business processes, implement technologies that drive performance and create lasting change through collaboration and discipline.

When you join Advisory Services, you’ll be part of a team that brings deep industry knowledge and experience, objectivity, and a collaborative and global perspective to each engagement.

We will align your experience with your individual talents and professional goals, and create a diverse and inclusive environment in which to thrive.

Where you can focus

You’ll focus on one of our three main Advisory areas:

Performance Improvement

Global markets, investors and shareholders continue to demand that companies produce year-on-year growth. Our clients are constantly seeking ways to improve their performance — and sustain that improvement. We help them in the areas of:

  • Finance
  • Supply chain
  • Customer
  • Performance technology
  • Strategic direction
  • Program management
  • People and organizational change


Many organizations have invested heavily in personnel, processes and technology to better manage their risk. But these investments often do not address the more strategic business risk areas. To successfully turn risk into results, we help our clients become more effective at managing scarce resources, making better decisions and reducing their organization’s exposure to negative events.

Specifically, we help our clients in the areas of:

  • Risk transformation
  • Internal audit
  • Internal controls
  • Actuarial

IT Risk and Assurance

With rapidly changing technology, consumerization, cloud, and social media, organizations need help to assess, manage and transform IT risk into better business performance. To help our clients manage, monitor and measure their technology risk and the effectiveness and efficiency of their IT infrastructure we focus on:

  • IT internal audit, internal controls and assurance
  • Information security, privacy and business continuity
  • IT risk management
  • ERP risk and controls and GRC technology implementation
  • Service organization controls reporting, compliance and certification

At EY, you will have the opportunity to develop skills in one or more of these areas. Customized development maps will help you gain the knowledge and experience you need to solve our clients’ most challenging issues.

Careers in Assurance: creating confidence for the business community worldwide

As the global financial crisis confirmed, there is clear connectivity between the world’s economies. Our Assurance services give the kind of confidence to investors that is essential for trust and informed decision-making. Timely and relevant financial information is, in fact, essential to the health of the world economy.

This means everyone has a vested interest in understanding factors such as risks, investments and values in relation to all economic matters — from individual retirement plans to the financial stability of regions like the Eurozone.

It also makes for a seriously stimulating working environment, where you’ll work across a wide variety of industries with equally varied clients at a high level.

This area is extremely broad, giving you the opportunity to develop a general grounding in business and opening the door to many career paths. You can become an assurance professional or move into other areas of the business.

It is your gateway to a wide range of opportunities, and enables you to gain a number of different qualifications.

Where you can focus

When you first start, you’ll develop broad assurance skills across many areas — covering both audit and non-audit work. You can then call on this experience when it becomes time to narrow your focus.

You might work in the following areas of Assurance:

A career in Audit and Accounting

Today's global financial markets demand international consistency in accounting and auditing standards and approaches. You'll have the challenge of meeting these using a range of resources, enabling you to help our clients navigate — and thrive — in this environment.

Within Audit and Accounting you can work in a variety of different areas, including:

  • External Audit

    EY - External Audit

    External Audit at EY plays a huge role in preserving the integrity of the global business landscape. You can provide peace of mind to our clients by using your analytical skills to give companies, investors and regulators confidence in the validity of financial statements, business-critical information or processes.

    Your main aim will be to provide independent verification of our clients’ compliance with accounting principles. By doing so, you play an important role in helping businesses accurately reflect their financial picture and, in turn, protecting financial markets.

  • Climate Change and Sustainability

    Our Climate Change and Sustainability Services team is grounded in our core skills in Assurance, Tax, Transactions and Advisory. Working in this area you’ll be able to help our clients understand business and regulatory threats and opportunities, explore and execute commercial transactions, monitor performance and assure public disclosures on progress.

  • Financial Accounting Advisory

    As an Assurance professional you’ll learn how to deliver relevant business and industry insights, and help non-audit clients focus on issues that matter to them. Through our Financial Accounting Advisory Services, you’ll help with many current critical issues, including IFRS conversion support, implementation of new accounting standards and assistance with public offerings.

Fraud Investigations & Disputes

EY - Fraud Investigations & Disputes

Organizations need to respond effectively to the risk of fraud, comply with ever-increasing regulation, and take the right approach to business disputes. You’ll be helping our clients develop strategies to pre-empt, manage and resolve the risks of business conflict. You’ll also assist in investigating alleged misconduct, fraud and non-compliance with regulation.

Careers in Tax: help your clients navigate the complexities of international tax

By meeting their tax obligations, clients help the wider community. As we help them to navigate an increasingly complex tax and regulatory environment and support them in making the right decisions, we’re contributing to the better working world that everyone wants to see.

Our advisors therefore need a deep understanding of relevant legislation, outstanding communication skills and the ability to manage client relationships effectively.

As a tax professional at EY, you'll use your research and analytical skills, apply yourself to stay on top of the law and acquire an in-depth knowledge of clients’ businesses.

We provide a full suite of tax services to clients ranging from the very largest multinationals to fast-growth entrepreneurial businesses. You might choose to start your tax career with us by acquiring a broad experience across a range of different service offerings or by focusing on one particular area.

The sections below give an idea of what you can experience in our different tax service lines:

Business Tax Services

EY - Careers

Our business tax professionals help businesses meet complex demands for tax reporting, compliance and planning, and tax policy and controversy.

Business Tax consists of different service offerings, including:


  • Business Tax Advisory
  • Business Tax Compliance
  • Tax Accounting & Risk Advisory

You’ll have the chance to gain experience across multiple service offerings, with long-term opportunities for focusing in one or more area.

You’ll also work with clients ranging from entrepreneurs to long-established worldwide organizations, developing a breadth and depth of tax and business skills domestically and on a multinational basis to advance your career.

Human Capital

EY - Careers

Our human capital professionals help many of the world’s largest companies to mobilize their employees around the world. We have developed a unique model in integrating our core services and advisory offerings to assist our clients to manage their global workforce and to deliver operational improvements.

Join our global team to become a trusted advisor in one or more of our eight core services:

  • Assignment Services
  • Global Immigration
  • Expatriate Tax Services
  • International Social Security
  • Global Employment Tax Services
  • Remuneration
  • Benefits
  • HR & Payroll Performance Improvement

You can also focus on strategic approaches to human resource operations through our six advisory offerings:

  • Accidental Expatriate
  • Global Mobility Policy Advisory
  • Global Equity
  • HR Transaction Advisory
  • HR Cost & Risk Advisory
  • Compensation Accumulation

One of our key service goals is to team with each client and align our approach to our client’s needs. We believe in close communication and investing the time to develop a strong, long-term relationship.

Indirect Tax

EY - Careers

Our indirect tax professionals work with clients that trade goods or services nationally and internationally. Work with them and you’ll advise how indirect taxes such as value added tax (VAT) or goods & services tax (GST) impact your clients’ supply chain and financial and accounting systems.

You’ll identify and address areas of risk, advise clients on the taxation implications of international trade and assist them in complying with customs regulations. Working in Indirect Tax, you’ll gain wide-ranging experience across different industries and opportunities to work internationally, and receive the support you need to become an effective tax professional.

International Tax

EY - Careers

Our international tax professionals help multinational companies align their global tax position with their business strategy to maintain competitive advantage and provide shareholder value.

International tax teams support clients’ cross-border transactions, assess their international tax strategies and provide a range of services, including transfer pricing policies and tax-effective supply chain management.

As a member of our international tax team, you’ll gain experience on engagements with some of the world’s largest international organizations and have opportunities to work with different tax regimes through international assignments.

Transaction Tax

EY - Careers

Our transaction tax professionals advise companies and private equity investors on all tax aspects of their transactions.

They assist clients with structuring transaction tax efficiently and undertake tax due-diligence reviews of potential targets.

Together with Restructuring colleagues, they also help companies in financial difficulties. This includes helping those in formal insolvency proceedings to restore their balance sheets by advising on sales of non-core businesses.

Transaction tax professionals look after clients of all sizes across all industries, working closely with colleagues in different service lines around the world. In this dynamic and fast-moving environment, you’ll work on a variety of transactions.

These range from acquisitions of small family-owned businesses to significant, newsworthy deals, including acquisitions, disposals, mergers, de-mergers, joint ventures, refinancing or stock exchange transactions such as IPOs. Each will help you develop the skills and knowledge you need to develop your career.

Career in Transactions: helping clients buy, sell and merge with other organizations

At a time when the global business environment holds increasingly complex growth challenges, we know that how organizations manage their capital today affects how competitive they’ll be in the future. We call it their Capital Agenda.

Our transaction professionals help clients make better and more informed decisions about managing capital and transactions in a changing world. That means advising businesses on how they preserve, optimize, raise and invest their capital to help them achieve their strategic objectives.

As a result we work as advisors to the world’s largest organizations, fastest-growing companies, and private equity firms on some of the biggest and most complex cross-border engagements in the global market.

If you’re interested in capital and how to make it work strategically for clients, then you’ll feel at home in Transaction Advisory Services. Dealing directly with senior executives, lawyers, finance professionals, and other professionals, it’s a challenging and exciting role in a dynamic, forward-looking environment.

Where you can focus

As you develop your career in Transactions, you’ll be able to build technical depth and explore a breadth of business issues. To help you decide where to specialize, your first few years will be spent in at least three different areas of the business. Your options will include:

Transaction Support

EY - Career

A transaction can be one of the most complex and risky business propositions our clients can undertake. You'll help them achieve the best possible outcome, from initial strategic assessment to implementation and post-integration. Your aim will be to improve their negotiating position and accelerate a smooth transaction with minimal disruption.

Transaction Tax

EY - Career

Every transaction has tax implications. Working with a worldwide network of professional advisors you’ll combine diverse cross-border transaction experience with local tax knowledge across a broad spectrum of industry sectors. This way you’ll help clients make informed decisions and navigate the tax implications of every transaction.

Transaction Real Estate

EY - Career

In this dynamic and complex market you’ll help clients develop and execute real estate transactions by providing objective and responsive advice. You’ll offer a dedicated and committed service to assist clients in achieving the potential of their real estate assets, portfolios or companies.

Lead Advisory

EY - Career

Today, more than ever, organizations must plan carefully for growth and analyze their capital agenda and related transactions in the context of their overall business strategy. As part of our Lead Advisory team you’ll help identify the right transaction and capital strategy for clients.


EY - Career

Join our market-leading Restructuring practice and you'll help local and global clients change their organizations throughout the whole economic cycle. You'll add to your technical knowledge with in-depth industry experience, building your understanding of the specific competitive challenges our clients face.

Operational Transaction Services

EY - Career

In this business area, you'll help clients drive operational value from their capital strategy. You'll learn how to develop the right plan for complex integrations, divestments and carve-outs – and how to implement it properly. You’ll play a key role in an integrated approach that focuses on our clients’ financial, tax and operational needs.

Valuation & Business Modeling

EY - Career

As a transaction professional you'll help clients evaluate and confirm their capital and growth strategies. You'll work with clients in areas such as understanding the specific value proposition for complex business holdings and investments, and identifying non-core assets for divesting.

Project Finance

EY - Career

Working in this award-winning team, you’ll focus on Private Finance Initiative (PFI) and Public Private Partnership (PPP) projects. You’ll learn about key infrastructure sectors, from energy to transport — enabling you to provide highly valued independent advice.

Financial Services: Advising a fast-changing world

Today's financial services market is global, constantly changing and highly regulated. It’s an industry that demands a dynamic approach to manage its uncertainties and opportunities.

Join our Financial Services team and you’ll work within experienced international teams — on the most complex financial services issues — helping to shape the future of financial services.

Core Business Services: managing the transformation of our business

Just as the name implies, Core Business Services (CBS) is the vital core that supports the organization's infrastructure, and allows our client-serving teams to succeed in the marketplace, and includes:


Our Finance professionals are responsible for the financial integrity of EY member firms, and the clear reporting of their results. Working with one of these teams, you’ll provide financial reporting that is accurate, consistent and compliant with EY global financial policies and principles, and local statutory rules and regulations. You’ll also work with other areas of our organization, sharing your financial experience and insights to achieve specific goals. You’ll get all the support you need to stay on top of regulations — and the advice and help you‘ll need to meet your own professional goals.

Information Technology

Working with one of our Information Technology (IT) teams, you’ll help to maintain and enhance our IT infrastructure. You’ll be part of a global group that provides help desk, network and data center services, as well as workstation support, telecommunications and IT products.

At the end of the day, you’ll be equipping EY member firm employees with effective and efficient IT tools and services so they can offer our clients top-quality service.

Learn more about our IT Services strategic hub in Alpharetta, Georgia.

Human Resources

We call our human resources group the Americas Talent Team, and this reflects how important we think our people are to the success of the EY organization.

Working with the Americas Talent Team, you’ll help develop and execute our people strategy, which provides the programs, measures and tools that help our EY member firms' employees to achieve their potential. You might develop and implement strategies for performance management, leadership development, learning, training tools, compensation, recruiting, new joiner orientation, reporting processes or other initiatives. You may work in a central function, or be aligned to one of our service lines. Whichever area of this service you join, you’ll play an essential role in delivering our strategy across the global organization.

Administrative Services & Executive Support

Our Enterprise Support Services (ESS) teams provide comprehensive, quality administrative and support services for all of the EY member firms within the Americas. ESS professionals span a wide range of vital roles, from administrative support to facilities management, creative design, tax return processing, file management and emergency preparedness.

Communications & Marketing

Americas Communications & Marketing (ACM) provides a wide range of marketing and communications services to internal and external audiences. These include current and future clients, our current and future employees, alumni, regulators, the media and the communities we operate within.

Through internal communications, public relations and corporate communications, the ACM team supports and promotes our brand and reputation.

Business Development

Our Business Development teams support and execute go-to-market business development and marketing strategies. As a Business Development professional, you’ll work with account teams to build relationships with our clients, drive new business and build revenue growth.


As part of our global Knowledge group, you'll make sure our client-serving professionals have access to the right people, tools and information to help their clients meet their business needs. The Knowledge teams provide a wide range of services to better understand client businesses and business environments. Team members may create and manage organization-wide business tools and processes to share important information, or advise people and teams on how to effectively use the content and tools that exist. The Knowledge teams are constantly evolving to help anyone within the EY organization take advantage of the experiences and insights of their colleagues around the world.

Quality & Risk Management

Our Quality & Risk Management (Q&RM) teams are responsible for protecting the EY organization from the risks that arise from the member firms' professional practices. The teams provide coordinated advice and assistance on independence, conflicts, regulatory and risk management issues, as well as dealing with claims, and any queries regarding the organization’s ethics.

Q&RM tools and processes are designed to help us meet our compliance responsibilities, and to help us support our client-facing teams in delivering quality service to their clients.

Whether you are part of one of these, or of the many other teams that make up CBS, you’ll play an essential role in delivering our strategy of change around our global organization. Our job is not only to support our other service lines, but also to support organization-wide growth.

Student programs

Every day, every EY person is part of building a better working world — for their clients, their communities and themselves. An excellent way of getting a taste of this environment is to become involved while you’re still a student.

We can offer you a number of different experiences.

Whether you explore a one- to three-day experience like our Emerging Leaders Program or a two-month intensive internship opportunity, you’ll benefit from learning, experiences and coaching that will help you achieve your goals and adapt successfully to professional life. You’ll also gain insights into what life at EY is really like and have the opportunity to build valuable relationships that will serve you in the future.


EY - Career

You want an internship that’s about more than a line on your resume. You want an experience, a challenge and a catapult. Build the best foundation for a future career at EY.

Emerging Leaders Program

EY - Career

A one-of-a-kind interactive learning experience, the Emerging Leaders Program starts your journey from college to career success.

Launch Internships

EY - Carrer

Tailored for students of diverse backgrounds majoring in accounting and related business majors, the Launch internship offers experiences to help students make an informed decision about their future.

Global Student Experience

EY - Carrer

New challenges. Global mindset. Opportunities to grow.
The EY Global Student Experience offers you all this and more.