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Financial Services Office (FSO) — Technology Advisor Program

You already know that no other Big Four firm in the US possesses a financial services practice that is as focused or integrated as our Financial Services Office (FSO). If you find the prospect of working in the FSO an exciting and attractive option, then it is time to ask yourself the next big question: Where do I fit in? If you have a passion for working in the financial services sector and a desire to be in a consulting environment, then the FSO Advisor Program could be the place for you.

The FSO Advisor Program is not only a starting point for a career in financial services, but it is also an unparalleled development environment. By combining hands-on multidisciplinary working assignments, structured learning and mentoring, the Advisor Program prepares you for a thriving career in one of our various advisory service lines within the FSO.

The Advisor Program consists of two different tracks: the Business Advisor Program and the Technology Advisor Program. While the programs focus on different skill areas, both of the three-year programs are designed to build your knowledge by providing you exposure to multiple industries, clients and teams. In addition, Advisor Program positions offer broad, cross-functional experiences along with continued upward progression opportunities.

Our Advisor Program opportunities provide a platform from which to launch your career – but which is the best program for you?

Read on to find out more.

On what projects or engagements would I work?

Your first day of work in the Technology Advisor Program might find you:

  • Designing a transaction monitoring system to help a global banking organization comply with anti-money laundering rules in reporting suspicious transactions
  • Assisting an international investment bank with enhancing their technology processes as part of their global data center consolidation
  • Interpreting, mapping and documenting derivative trades as part of a major financial risk management initiative for a global financial services organization
  • Developing and deploying a global technology risk framework for an international investment bank
  • Designing a technology road map that transforms the finance organization at a multinational insurance company

What opportunities would the Technology Advisor Program present?

In the Technology Advisor Program you'll work with companies to help them facilitate business solutions by assessing, improving, implementing and monitoring their technology processes and controls. Your experience, insight and support will help companies with their technology strategies, information management and analysis, information security and technology risk, which allows end-to-end technology improvement that can help drive performance in finance, operations, risk applications and the related critical processes. In short, you'll help financial services companies rethink and refine their IT structure, driving continuous process improvement and cost efficiency.

To make sure you’re supported, we offer a comprehensive array of training and development programs as part of our team-oriented culture.

What requirements do I need to start?

The range of qualifications you'll need to succeed include:

Education: A bachelor’s, master’s or dual degree in Information Systems, Computer Science, Engineering, Technology Risk, Information Security, Math, Accounting, Finance or related technology and business discipline (e.g., business degree with Information Systems or Management Information Systems concentration)

Core skills: Advanced written and oral communication skills; strong analytical, time management and teamwork skills; demonstrated integrity, work ethic and leadership within a professional services environment

Systems experience: Background in one or more of the following:

  • Analytics and data mining tools (e.g., SQL, SAS, Monarch, ACL, Oracle, DB2, C++, Tableau)
  • Enterprise resource planning packages (e.g., Oracle, SAP, PeopleSoft, Hyperion)
  • Financial services packages (e.g., Murex, Summit, BFS, Geneva)

Typical designations: Ernst & Young LLP will work with Technology Advisor Program candidates to help you gain the practical experience required to become certified in any number of designations: Certified Public Accountant, Certified Information Systems Auditor, Certified Information Systems Security Professional and Certified Information Security Manager.

If your idea of a great career is providing IT planning, support and strategy to the global financial services sector, we would love to hear from you.