Banking performance improvement

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Performance measurement in the banking industry - post-crisis trends
John Karr, Ernst & Young LLP, discusses how banks have modified their performance improvement processes following the 2008 financial crisis.


Understanding bank operating segment disclosures

Understanding bank operating segment disclosures
John Karr, Ernst & Young LLP, shares his thoughts on the 2010 operating segment disclosures of the 20 largest US public banks by asset. The article provides information on the definition of "operating segments" across different banks and explains the connection between segment reporting and banks' overall profitability.


Perceptions of customer complaint management

Perceptions of customer complaint management
To gauge readiness and potential opportunities regarding customer complaint management, we interviewed executives regarding problem resolution, process improvement and more. See the results.


CFO report: bank capital management in uncertain times

Executive perspectives on banking capital management
Our CFO report delves into banks' capital management strategies as they brace for a wave of changes to capital requirements in a precarious regulatory environment.


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Bank execs look to IT in challenging times
Personnel from finance, risk, operations and IT are collaborating to bring data into greater alignment at many banks. Learn what they're doing to manage performance.


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The volatile landscape of mortgage banking
Market pressures are forcing lenders to take action including overhauling products, operations, systems and controls. Our Consumer Finance Advisory Services team can help.


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CFO speak out: How did it come to this? What have we learned?
Senior bank finance executives and other global banking pundits reveal their struggles and insights during a snapshot in time marked by uncertainty and rapid change. Read their stories, as well as our assessment and perspective on the new risk-aware culture that must emerge.