• Improving the customer experience across government

    The government now must provide the same quality of customer service that citizens encounter in the private sector. What techniques help put the customer first?

  • Citizen today: G20 special edition

    In this edition of Citizen Today, we highlight some of the key issues global leaders will address in the upcoming G20 summit.

  • Building better budgets

    Effective budget institutions are key pillars of any country’s public financial management system (PFM). We outline our global PFM capability and services.

  • Implementing enterprise risk management in government

    Interest in ERM is growing among federal agencies. See how a well-implemented initiative transforms the traditional risk functions to a systematic approach to handling uncertainty.

  • Implementing innovation in government

    Government is making progress in seeking pioneering ideas to improve organizational performance. Learn three steps organizations can take to implement an innovation program.

  • Building a better retirement world

    Few countries have implemented pension and retirement solutions that sufficiently account for fundamental demographic changes. How can governments ensure the financial well-being of retirees?

  • Dynamics: bridging the gap

    Huge disparities and inequalities continue to exist around the world. How are development professionals working to bridge the gap?

  • Implementing performance management in government

    Many organizations in government have strategic plans and desired outcomes but lack metrics to track performance. Learn how reporting via dashboards can support continuous improvement.

  • Working with the World Bank Group to end poverty

    Find out how we are supporting the World Bank Group in fulfilling the twin goals of ending extreme poverty and promoting shared prosperity.

Government & Public Sector

Building a better working world

Government leaders today are under extraordinary pressure to do more with existing, or fewer, resources. Sequestration, reduced tax revenues, soaring deficits and a deepening national debt are driving a focus on aligning resources where they can achieve the best outcomes. At the same time, there is demand for visibility and transparency in the use of those resources.

The US Government & Public Sector practice of Ernst & Young LLP combines private sector leading practice with an understanding of the public sector’s diverse needs, focused on delivering improved public services. We respond to your specific issues by bringing together highly skilled professionals across Advisory, Assurance, Tax and Transaction Advisory Services.

This integrated approach facilitates multidimensional support and flexibility. Our heritage is based on providing objective, fact-based insights, and our broad portfolio of services is aimed at driving relevant, tangible results.

We believe integration fosters innovation. Unprecedented challenges require support that is connected, responsive, and insightful. We are ready to help you build a better working world.

  • Department of State and EY Announce public-private partnership to address women’s entrepreneurship

    On October 2, 2014, the U.S. Department of State and EY announced they will work together on an initiative geared towards helping women entrepreneurs succeed by providing them with the skills, capacity building, and leadership opportunities to scale their businesses, driving the global economy. The Women’s Entrepreneurship in the Americas initiative, (WEAmericas), launched at the 2012 Summit of the Americas in Colombia, leverages public-private partnerships to increase women’s economic participation and address barriers women confront in starting and growing small and medium sized enterprises.

    The Department of State and EY will collaborate with U.S. Embassies and local partners in Colombia, El Salvador, Bolivia and Argentina- to bring together women entrepreneurs through a series of four TechCamps, to be held in each country between October 2014 and April 2015. The interactive agenda for the two- day TechCamps will bring together local and international technology experts with women entrepreneurs to develop tech-enabled solutions that address challenges women face in growing their businesses.

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  • Managing enterprise risk

    Interest in enterprise risk management (ERM) is growing fast among federal agencies. A number of them have appointed a chief risk officer to manage their ERM efforts. Federal entities are starting to focus on enterprise solutions to manage risks that impact strategic and tactical objectives and use of resources.

    Along with this, a number of agencies are looking to translate the concept of ERM past the abstract framework into practical solutions that will ultimately support risk enabled performance.

    There is a need for more risk intelligent management of agencies so that future opportunities and threats to the agency’s performance are recognized and addressed timely and appropriately.

    The EY Government and Public Sector Enterprise Risk Management team offers a proven methodology and approach to help agencies leverage their investments in complying with Office of Management and Budget Circular A-123 Appendix A and other requirements by identifying and replacing isolated initiatives and remediation fixes with a holistic approach to integrating internal controls, compliance and risk management initiatives under an ERM framework.

  • Uncovering how political executives manage

    While the public may perceive government as all about “policy,” the bulk of government work is about delivering specific services either directly to the American public or conducting activities on behalf of the nation.

    To understand the challenges of political leadership and how top executives succeed in accomplishing an Administration’s objectives, business-in-government experts Paul R. Lawrence and Mark A. Abramson present the findings of a four-year study of top political appointees in the Obama Administration.

    Learn more about What Government Does: How Political Executives Manage.

  • Doing more with less

    The financial crisis has left policy-makers tasked with delivering public services with fewer resources and at a time of rising citizen expectations. Improving efficiency, productivity and finding better ways to provide services remain priorities around the world.

    Are you doing the best you can with your strained resources? We can help.

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Citizen today: G20 special edition

EY - Citizen today: the economic of behavior RHF

In this edition of Citizen Today, we highlight some of the key issues global leaders will address in the upcoming G20 Summit.