• Global Corporate Divestment Study: Life sciences

    How can life sciences companies generate a higher price for divestments and use them to fund growth opportunities? Learn more.

  • Capital Confidence Barometer: Life Sciences

    Life sciences companies accelerate dealmaking as rising competitive intensity, scarcity of transformative growth targets, and greater access to financing fuel confidence in M&A.

  • The Firepower Index and Growth Gap Report 2016

    Biopharma M&A skyrocketed in 2015. Much of this activity was driven by companies seeking to create more focused businesses and close persistent revenue “growth gaps.”

  • Big data: helping patients and providers connect

    Life sciences companies are under increasing pressure to do more with less. See how digital strategies and accountability with analytics help bridge the communication gap.

  • Pulse: medical technology report 2015

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  • After healthcare reform, transformation

    The US health care sector is undergoing a major metamorphosis. In this edition of New horizons, we explore the state of this transforming industry.

  • IN VIVO Magazine

    This issue explores capital allocation in the age of shareholder activism, and what biopharmas can learn from recent acquisitions.

  • Pharmaceutical R&D tax incentives

    Globalization of the pharmaceutical industry and increased outsourcing have drastically changed the R&D landscape. This report explores the impact on R&D tax incentives.

  • Megatrends - Health reimagined

    Health care is embarking on a once-in-a-lifetime transformation. This report explores what the industry needs to do to achieve future success.

Life Sciences

Finding sustainability in biotechnology, pharmaceutical and medical technology

Amplified business decisions are the new norm thanks to rapid changes. From new market entrants and regulatory reform to expiring patents and the growing challenge of chronic diseases, leaders in the life sciences community must explore a new course to address the changing climate for health care — one driven by patients and focused on health outcomes.

Our Global Life Sciences Center brings together a worldwide team of professionals to help you achieve your potential.

We cover key issues in these areas:

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EY Webcast: Revenue recognition standard for life sciences companies.

EY Webcast: Revenue recognition standard for life sciences companies.

Watch a replay of our webcast for a discussion on the implications of the new revenue recognition standard for life sciences companies and how companies should plan for implementation.

Infographic: Turning the tide on cancer drug costs

EY - Infographic: Turning the tide on cancer drug costs