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Rethinking your CRE technology strategy: A perfect storm new navigational instruments and a muli-tiered strategy - EY - United States

Rethinking your CRE technology strategy

A perfect storm: new navigational instruments and a muli-tiered strategy

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Summary: In place of a single strategy or none at all, the best prepared CRE organizations will use a multi-tiered strategy. It ensures the organization's data is managed effectively and securely.

Now, with the increasing use of outsourcing and partnering for service delivery, once-empowering solutions may constrain or complicate otherwise reasonable business options. This is true whether the outsourcing and partnering is in whole or in part.

Many organizations have successfully implemented IWMS solutions, and it continues to be a viable option. But some CRE organizations that agonized over their IWMS selection just a year or two ago are seeing their investment marginalized as key pieces of the CRE organization are carved out to service providers who bring their own set of applications or are unable to cost-effectively leverage what has already been put in place.

Further, as CRE delivery becomes a multi-vendor orchestration, data custodianship and data strategy become paramount. This is especially true for organizations that have increased governance and transparency requirements and/or business intelligence efforts.

CRE organizations are no longer constrained to own and administer their own applications. The requirement to deliver data and functionality to non-traditional devices increases daily, with more of the workforce accessing information via:

  • Laptops
  • Netbooks
  • Applications on mobile phones
  • iPads
  • Other devices

These technological and business changes present both opportunities and challenges to CRE technology strategy. They require CRE organizations to deal with technology using a more sophisticated approach.

In place of a single strategy or none at all, the best prepared CRE organizations will use a multi-tiered strategy consisting of specific strategies for three elements:

  1. Data management
  2. Applications
  3. Technology support

A multi-tiered strategy, which separates these three critical elements, allows for flexible solutions that can accommodate whole or partial outsourcing and tap internal and/or external expertise and support as required. In addition, and perhaps most critically, it ensures that the organization’s data is managed effectively and securely, and that it is not subject to the whims of the software industry or the outsourcing of key functions.

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