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Rethinking your CRE technology strategy: Multi-tier strategy aligns with the key CRE criteria - EY - United States

Rethinking your CRE technology strategy

Multi-tier strategy aligns with the key CRE criteria

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Summary: We asked CRE organizations what criteria they considered when determining overall CRE technology strategy. Consistency, quality and scale topped the list of priorities by a significant margin.

By providing independent strategies for data, applications and support, the multi-tier approach to technology strategy allows CRE organizations an improved basis for delivering a highly consistent user experience with diverse functionality, improved data consistency and quality, and the ability to scale both large and small. Further, a focused data management strategy yields improved control and access to data and enhances overall value as the data is integrated with the enterprise data.


Making the leap from a narrowly focused strategy, or no strategy to a multi-tier one, doesn’t happen overnight. It requires dedicated resources, a close examination of business processes, data needs and collaboration with IT. But the technological winds are blowing as fast as ever, and when combined with the current business climate driving the acceleration of outsourcing on multiple levels, the perfect storm has arrived for radically altering your approach to CRE technology.

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