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Building a patient-centered care team - EY - United States

New horizons: 2012 health care provider report

Building a patient-centered care team

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What initiatives have you taken to create a culture of collaborative leadership among your board, executive and physician leaders?

With the emergence of new care-delivery models, the patient-care team will need to extend to clinicians outside the hospital environment, calling into play even more the ability to solve problems interactively, make decisions collectively and coordinate care seamlessly across specialties, disciplines and settings of care delivery.

Considerations for your board and executive leaders

Collaboration among clinicians

  • What initiatives are in place at your organization to build stronger patient care teams?
  • If your organization has implemented a team training program, are your leaders demonstrating their support by providing positive messages about the initiative and positively reinforcing observed teamwork behaviors?
  • Do your written corporate mission statements, yearly goals, and policy and procedure manuals include an emphasis on teamwork and its role in safety and quality?

Collaboration among partners in the care continuum

  • What steps are you taking to collaborate beyond your organization’s walls, integrating with other community providers to increase depth and breadth of health care services and points of care entry?
  • Have you assessed your current patient discharge processes to determine whether changes are needed in how you coordinate care across the continuum?
  • Is your information technology capable of collecting, analyzing and reporting on the care your patients receive, wherever they are treated?

Collaboration with physicians

  • What efforts has your organization made to create a common sense of purpose with physicians?
  • How are you recruiting physician champions to support your teamwork initiatives?
  • What are the pros and cons of various physician alignment options for your organization? How will prospective physician partners view each model? How will the chosen option make a difference to patients and payers?

Collaboration with payers

  • Are you having proactive discussions with payers to drive a responsible transition to accountable care and other value-based payment systems?
  • Are you partnering with payers to determine quality measures and appropriate incentives to drive desired provider behaviors?
  • Do you have a service line strategy that aligns with global payment programs that your payers are launching or have launched?

Collaboration among the leadership team

  • What initiatives have you taken to create a culture of collaborative leadership among your board, executive and physician leaders? Does your board play a strong role in shaping its agenda and strategic direction?

Collaboration with patients

  • Are you ensuring that your patients have a voice in how their care is delivered?
  • Do you have a patient board to discuss issues of patient satisfaction to improve the patient experience?
  • If you take steps to implement a more collaborative care delivery system, what will patients notice that is different, and how will you determine whether or not patients notice these differences?
  • How are you reaching out to patients after their hospital stays?

Collaboration with the community

  • How are you seeking partnerships for addressing community-specific health needs and priorities? Do you formally review the needs of the community you serve and consider detailed options for meeting those needs at least once a year?
  • Do you attend community events in which you publicly share your organization’s vision and values for enhanced health care services — and have the opportunity to listen to community suggestions for how your organization can best meet community needs?

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